If you have been struggling to grasp the concept of eyeshadow application and you only use the word blending when making margaritas… I am here to help!
I know from experience that when learning about make-up eyeshadow application can be very difficult to get right. I believe there are 3 easy ways to perfect your eyeshadow skills… so listen up!


First of all, learn the tools of the trade!
Make-up brushes are our tools, so learn about all the different eyeshadow brushes, what they do, and how to use them correctly. Learn absolutely everything you can about eyeshadow brushes, trust me it will help you in the long run.


Once you have learnt about eyeshadow brushes the next step is to watch make-up tutorials, but not just any, explore tutorials that are for beginners and watch a lot of them. The reason to search for beginner tutorials is because most make-up artist will go into more detail when explaining the techniques, this will make it easier to understand and follow the instructions. A good piece of advice is to create a youtube account, that way you can save make-up tutorials to watch later. Watch as many as you can, as different make-up artists will teach you something a little bit different.
One of my favourites is this tutorial from Brianna Fox. My personal favourite trick that I have learnt from Brianna is learning how to angle and hold the eyeshadow brush to achieve the best results.


On the weekend, after work, on your days off, any time you have spare time…practise!
By practising whenever you can you will build confidence in using new techniques and you will take your skills to a new level. Also, the other great thing about practising in your spare time is that you can experiment with different looks and if you get it completely wrong you can just wipe it off.


Follow these 3 simple steps and you will be on your way to becoming a eyeshadow master.
Let me know your own tips and tricks to amazing eyeshadow in the comments below.