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Editorial Team


#Inner Health & Over 50

Iris is our inner health & over 50 specialist. Iris has had a career in education and as a chef for many years, she has a broad knowledge of the nutrition we need through our daily intake, whether it is food, supplements or liquids. IrisĀ is passionate about health and wellbeing, and believes that feeling and looking good on the outside comes from within.


#Make-up & Beauty

If you are love make-up & fashion, you need to be reading Madison’s articles about the latest trends, make-up products and how to’s, and advice. Madison loves helping all women to achieve the best results they can with their make-up, and understand the problems that we all face time-to-time with make-up. Madison tests all products so she is able provide honest reviews and feedback to ensure that you are able to feel confident in your choices.


#SkinCare & Health

Taylah is our go to girl on all things skin care. Taylah is passionate about finding the right skincare and routine for everyone. Taylah believes that healthy skin is the key and researches products to avoid harsh chemicals that could permanently damage your skin or your health.