There are so many ways to apply makeup these days, one trend that has exploded on the beauty market is the beauty blender by the Beautyblender company.
In almost every makeup tutorial you will watch, the makeup artist is using a beauty blender, they just put the makeup on the rounded end and get to work but in real life it isn’t that easy.
Thank goodness, I found the tutorial on applying makeup with the beauty blender by the creator/ celebrity makeup artist Rea Ann Silva.
This video explains the motivation behind the creation of the beauty blender, how to apply different makeup products with the beauty blender and the different types of beauty blenders and how to use them.
There are so many things I didn’t know about using a beauty blender by just watching makeup tutorials, for example, I didn’t know that the beauty blender could be used for products other than foundation, I wasn’t aware that it came in different sizes and types, and I now know how to use a beauty blender to apply my moisturiser and primer. All of these things I didn’t know previously have now made a big difference in apply my makeup everyday and gaining that “flawless” finish.
Check out Rea Ann Silva’s tutorial below and let it change your life too.