There are so many perks of painting your nails at home, you save money, you can change your colour without having to wait for an appointment, and if one nail chips you can do a quick touch up yourself. However, painting your nails at home can be pretty tricky, especially if you aren’t ambidextrous. For me personally, it has taken many years of painting my own nails as well as observing the techniques of nail technicians to become slightly adequate at painting my own nails. If you are like me and every time you paint your nails at home one hand looks professional and the other looks like a 3 year old painted your nails, you need to watch CutePolish‘s Paint your nails PERFECTLY at home!
This tutorial is amazing, you will find some awesome tips and trick to practise at home to become a master at painting your own nails. If you have any of your own tips to share to achieve perfect nails leave a comment below.

Check out more of Cutepolish nail tutorial at the link below: