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3 Simple Steps To Amazing Eyeshadow!

If you have been struggling to grasp the concept of eyeshadow application and you only use the word blending when making margaritas… I am here to help! I know from experience that when learning about make-up eyeshadow application can be very difficult to get right. I believe there are 3 easy ways to perfect your …


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Paint Your Own Nails Perfectly!

There are so many perks of painting your nails at home, you save money, you can change your colour without having to wait for an appointment, and if one nail chips you can do a quick touch up yourself. However, painting your nails at home can be pretty tricky, especially if you aren’t ambidextrous. For …

Make Up

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Clueless About Makeup Brushes?…Watch This Video For Beginners Now!

When learning about makeup there are so many things you need to learn, what products you need to buy? what products work well with my skin type? what even is my skin? Then after all that confusion you have to start thinking about the application, and before you even begin to think about that there …