Do you feel that some times you have caterpillars rather than eyebrows?… or when you do your make-up your eyebrows seem to disappear all together?
Well I have done the hard work for you and found 3 great eyebrow tutorials for all different styles, eyebrow make-up products, eyebrow hair colours and a concept that will change your make-up game eyebrow mapping!


The first tutorial by Katerina Williams teaches us about 3 different styles of eyebrows and also 3 different eyebrow products. I love this video because you are able to see what different eyebrow products look like before you purchase them for yourself, and if you are a beginner this is important.


The second tutorial from Roxette Arisa teaches us about eyebrow mapping, which I had no idea what it was but I am so THANKFUL that Roxette has taught me because it has taken my eyebrow game to the next level.


The third video is by Nikkie from NikkieTutorials, and she has an amazing techniques for eyebrows. Nikkie also has lighter eyebrows than Roxette and Katerina. If you have light hair or you don’t want bold dark eyebrows, Nikkie’s  tutorial is perfect for you.