What Are Probiotics?

    Probiotics are live microbes that reside in our gut and can provide a miriad of health benefits in our bodies. 

    Probiotics are also referred to as “good”or “beneficial” microbes known as microbiomes or live microorganisms. At any point in time, the gut is             populated by microbes. Most of these beneficial microbes are bacteria and they outnumber human cells in population

    There are 10 times the number of microbes in a healthy gut as there are cells in our bodies

    Beneficial bacteria in the gut make up the healthy gut flora. These microbes prevent the overgrowth of pathogens, improve digestion and absorption, help synthesize some vitamins, maintain the pH of the gut and keep the immune system properly challenged without being overwhelmed.

    However, when pathogens outnumber beneficial bacteria in the gut, the imbalance that results leaves the body open to infections and other diseases.

    Probiotics are recommended to restore the healthy gut flora. Therefore, probiotics can help reverse the damage done to the gut flora by antibiotics,poor diet, stress, diseases and hormone imbalance.

    I have found a Probiotic that I would like to recommend. This product has been produced by an Australian, Dr John Ellerman who is a Microbiology and Biochemistry Graduate of University of Sydney. 

Read his paper here

     Dr Ellerman’s product is marketed by Modere, a company that sells only chemical free products. His product is called a Synbiotic. It  contains a prebiotic as well as a probiotic.  Prebiotics play a starring role in the process of gut bacterial restoration by acting as food for  Probiotics.  Prebiotics are a type of carbohydrate that is easily digested and passes into the colon with great ease to allow the Probiotic to grow and do its work.

     Those of you who know me, would be aware of my ongoing battle with arthritis over a long period of time. Those of you who suffer the ravages of this disease know that the symptoms become worse as time passes, made worse during times of stress and bad diet. I have had 2 successful knee replacements because of this disease but when I started limping with arthritic pain in my foot, I decided that it was time to take control of the situation. 

    I have had my knees replaced but I can’t have my foot replaced and I need my foot to enjoy the rest of my life. The thought of spending the remainder of my life limping, on drugs or worse was not an option for me. After 6 months on Dr Ellerman’s product, I no longer take any prescribed drugs for arthritis or any other modern day disease. I take the Probiotic daily and will continue to do so until my limp has gone completely. The only time that I have a slight limp again now is when I decide to slide off the grid and eat something that I know that I shouldn’t!! 

 Research indicates that it can take as long as 2 years for the gut to be fully restored in some circumstances

    I also take a chemical free anti inflammatory, 3 tablets  in the morning and 3 in the evening and with these two products together, my problem has almost cleared, enough not to have to take the pain relieving prescribed drugs that I have taken for far too long. It has of course, a snowball effect. The more drugs that you take, the more microbes that are destroyed.

As you can imagine, I am ecstatic and will forever sing the praises of these products

    I have also had experience first hand of recommending the probiotic to someone who had cold and flu symptoms over a long period of time.  Two weeks on a Probiotic and the symptoms had abated. 

    Another example was a little boy who was always sick, caught anything that was going around. A few weeks on the probiotic and the children’s multivitamin and he has not been sick since

    This product is natural.  It really is worth a try.

     I cannot recommend it more highly